I finally did the right thing on Friday,

I finally realized that I deserve more than abuse, and my son deserves the world. I went to the cops, I told them everything. They took pictures of my busted, bloody, swollen lip and bruises and you’re really telling everyone and their mothers that I’m lying? I lived with you for a whole month as friends just so you could see Braidyn every single day, and you’re saying I wanted to take him from you? No. Thats not what I wanted, I wanted nothing more than for you to be in his life just as much as I am but guess what? You put your hands on him and you put your hands on me. You don’t fucking deserve to be in either of our lives. You fucked me on rent, you broke my camera and my tv. You’re a fucking asshole. I hate to say it but I should’ve left a long time ago. You raped me 3 weeks ago and I STILL was your friend… what does that really say about me? That I know I’m worthless. But after you beating the shit out of me I finally realized you are never going to change and Braidyn deserves better. I love that boy and I will do anything to keep him safe.

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