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Yesterday Braidyn and I watched The Dark Knight and today we’re watching Batman Begins.

He liked the Dark Knight waaaaay more, he kept saying “woahhhhh” when an explosion or something would happen.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting to start a list of words/sentences that he comes out with now that he’s started trying really hard. Every time he says a new word or puts a small sentence together I can’t help but smile.
Apple Juuuu  = Apple Juice
Tup = Cup
Cah che = Car Chair
Gigga = Tigga (the cat)
Mow = Meow
Nana doe = Banana and Cheerios
Up = Up
Mama = Mama
Eye = One
Eye also = Eye
Knee = Knee
Towww = Toe
Nani = Nana/Grammy
Pleh = Play
Moo = Moo
Boo = Blue
Ruh = Truck
Tah-tah = Tractor
Papa = Papa
Ah-da = Auntie
Yaya = Rich
Tash = Trash
Yesh = Yes
Num = Yum
Tubt = Tub
Wuh-wah = Love you
Almoo = Elmo
Rahhh = Monster
Woo-cah = Police Car/Fire Truck/Ambulance
Woah = Woah
Guh-guh = Sticker
Yah = Ya
New-new = Noodles
Do-doo = Thank you
Eeeen = Green
Ollo = Yellow
Bleh = Black
Hunnn = Sun
Cheesh = Cheese
Coo-coo = Coo-coo/crazy
No = No
Orry = Sorry

These are just some of what I can think of right now, this kid comes out with new words every day.

He says sentences like,
“Apple juuuu tup”
"Nani, coo-coo Nani"
"Hi Papa, bye Papa"
"Mama, boo tah-tah"

He also knows, ‘thank you, bird, please, more’ in sign language, (I think there are a few more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.)


I think its hilarious that you still take moments of your day to bitch about me. You say all of these terrible things but you must’ve forgot I BROKE UP WITH YOU. Too bad, so sad. You can call everyone psychotic, drug addicts, and a million other things but not once have you ever stopped and reevaluated yourself. Maybe then you’d see how much of a useless, hypocritical, insincere, manipulative, controlling, unappreciative, dishonest, pretentious, abusive asshole you really are. I gave you everything I possibly could, and you took it all for granted. You noticed that I was finally motivated and gaining confidence in myself for achieving goals and you tried to pull me down with you because you were a miserable fuck. You belittled and degraded me constantly, but because you weren’t physically abusive, you thought it was okay. You never once admitted you were wrong, you never said sorry for anything. You used everything I trusted you with against me. Normal people don’t say things like “You probably liked being molested or raped.” You need fucking help. You’re truly a disgusting person and it is true when people say “crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.” I’m the first one to admit I’m fucked up, and you’re the last one to admit you are. You can’t keep blaming everything on everyone else for the rest of your life, sweetheart. And if you want to keep spreading vicious rumors, get ready to bend over because karma’s going to fuck you so hard in the ass. And that’s exactly what you deserve.

I had the best Easter ever.
Pure happiness. <33333
Such a good weekend.
So many smiles,
so many memories made.
I am at peace with the world today.
Live the life you love&
love the life you live. (:

I am so thankful I am starting this year with a completely healthier lifestyle. No more abusive relationships, eating poorly or being depressed. Continuing to eat healthy and exercise regularly because it makes me feel amazing, being the best mom I can possibly be because Braidyn deserves it and going back to school. 2013 is going to my year to shine. ♥

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