Rest in peace papa </3

Yesterday was the most emotionally draining day ever.

I can’t believe you’re gone, but I am relieved that you’re not longer suffering. I love you so much and you will keep living inside of my heart.

This is a depressing post… be warned.

So, today I found out that my dads girlfriend’s mother only has a few more months to live. She has ovarian cancer and has been fighting it for years. Last Christmas she spent in the hospital, where we thought we were going to lose her.. but she pushed through it and has seemed to be doing great lately. I guess they have to stop her chemotherapy now and the cancer is really starting to spread… She doesn’t know how long she has left, but it hit me so fucking hard. I consider this woman such a role model. If you met her you would NEVER guess that shes sick, or be able to guess her age. When Ann (my dads girlfriend) told me the news today, I literally went into shock. I couldn’t say a word… it was the scariest feeling. I went to the bathroom and just broke down so bad. People like her don’t deserve to die, especially from something like cancer. All I can say is I hope she beats the estimate they gave her, because shes done it every other time. I don’t know what I’d do if she wasn’t around, and I can only imagine how Ann must feel. :/ 

last night was horrible, then amazing.

Got kicked out. Went for a walk. Stole a pet fish. Calmed down. Hung out with my best friends. Talked to my mom. Came back. Got ready. Watched Mean Girls. Cuddled. Went to the beach at 3am and watched shooting stars. Had the most in depth conversations ever. Laughed until my cheeks hurt. Only slept 45 minutes, but it was worth it.

Broken chapsticks. Man candy. Canoodling. Jealous kittehs. Happy paws. Glen Coco.